Community Tutorial

Welcome to AAVMC Connect!
We’re glad you’re here. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Sign in at using the same username and password that you use to login to the AAVMC website. Having problems signing in? If you need help signing in, select the “Forgot your Password?” option. Should this not work, contact your Community Manager.

2. Fill out your profile. We want to get to know you! To access your profile, click on the avatar in the top right-hand corner of this site, then click “Profile.” Be sure to fill out your Job History, Education, and other areas – these will help your like-minded peers find you. Uploading a profile picture and a bio that show your personality is a great way to ensure that you make a good impression in the community. 

3. Customize your profile settings. Start by finding My Account in your member profile. From here, you can set up how you want to receive emails from the community, how much of your profile you want visible to other members, edit the signature that appears under your discussion posts, and more. If you have any questions about what a certain setting means, please email the Community Manager for help!

We recommend subscribing to receive emails in Real Time – so you receive up-to-the-minute alerts on what is going on in the community. You can also get emails as a Daily Digest – you will receive a single email each day summarizing the hottest topics in your community.

Add and access resources. Start by navigating to your community home and select the orange “Add” button next to Most Recent Library Uploads. From there, you will be brought to the Library upload page. Add a descriptive title and select the Folder the resource should live in [Note: Not all communities will have a folder option if they have not been set up yet.].

What now? It’s time to join the conversation!

    • Let us know you’re here. Say hello and share what you are hoping to gain by participating.
    • Ask questions. What do you want to know more about? Have a question about anything from product best practices to everyday problems? There’s someone out there with the answer.
    • Share ideas. Is there a hot topic you want to discuss? How about a lesson you’ve learned that might help your fellow AAVMC Connect members? Start a discussion thread to give others a peek inside your world or to demonstrate your expertise on a topic.
    • Spread knowledge. Upload useful resources to the community library, check out what others have uploaded, and keep the sharing going.
    • Give feedback. Use your knowledge and experience to answer other users’ questions. Just simply click on the text “Reply” to the right of any discussion post, or comment underneath a library entry. If you are trying to respond privately to a post author, you can click on the down arrow next to “Reply” and click “Reply Privately” instead. “Reply” is the most used option and will be visible by anyone in the community. “Reply Privately” will only be visible to the contact you are directly messaging. Please reach out if you need further clarification and assistance!